William “Bud” Deihl


Fàilte (Welcome!)

In 1979, I visited Scotland and I was touched by the pipe (more on that theme later). Since that time, I have continued to study and perform. Although I appreciate great pipe bands, my playing interest has been in both solo and ensemble performance.  For nearly 17 years, I have performed an annual concert to celebrate my learning and share this with the public. Following the concerts, my wife and I have provided what has become a notorious feast. This event is free and it is our gift to the community.

I am currently in a period of renewed commitment to my studies and I am truly engaged in a labor of love. When I started piping, instructors and resources were few and far between. With the advent of the internet, online learning, and a culture of open sharing via YouTube and social media, I am swamped with resources and the ability to connect with others of like interest. Through this site I intend share my learning through links to resources I hope will be of interest and benefit to others.

Visit periodically, as the site will be enhanced by dynamic updates.